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Social Old Age Pension

Pensão social de velhice

1 The ‘Social Support Index’ (Indexante de Apoios Sociais, IAS) is of high importance for determining the eligibility and the amount of social benefits. The IAS is the result of delinking social security benefits from the ‘guaranteed monthly minimum remuneration’ (Remuneração Mensal Mínima Garantida, RMMG) also known as ‘minimum wage’ (salário mínimo). The amount of the Social Support Index (EUR 438.81 in 2020) is lower than the ‘minimum wage’ (EUR 635 in 2020). It is adjusted yearly based on the consumer price index (Índice de Preços ao Consumidor, IPC), excluding housing, and on the GDP growth rate.

Legal Basis: Decree-Law No. 464/80, 13 October (Social Pension/Pensão Social; last amendment: Decree-Law No. 136/2019, 6 September); Decree-Law No. 208/2001, 27 July (Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly/Complemento Extraordinário de Solidariedade; last amendment: Decree-Law No. 126-A/2017, 6 October).