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28.10.2016 / Sozialpolitik (MEA)

MEA Workshop: Research on Asylum Seekers and Other Crisis Migrants

October 28, 2016 in Munich

The recent immigration wave to Germany, consisting of predominantly young persons, bears the potential to absorb some of the economic challenges posed by demographic ageing. This relies, however, on well-designed policies that can smoothly and rapidly integrate migrants into regular employment. In accordance with its mission to evaluate, anticipate and accompany the economic aspects of demographic change, MEA plans three research projects that could inform the design of these policies. In preparation of these projects, the MEA Workshop Research on Asylum Seekers and Other Crisis Migrants will bring together a small group of experts with a strong interest in data collection or research design on asylum seekers and other “crisis migrants”. The objective is to provide a platform for the exchange of previous experiences, current difficulties, and future orientations for quantitative research on this specific population and to present first results.

A keynote lecture will be given by Prof. Christian Dustmann (University College London).

Program (PDF)

Please note: This MEA workshop is a closed event (only for invited guests), with exeption of the keynote lecture. If you want to join the keynote lecture, please send an email to Dr. Christian Hunkler until Friday, October 21st.