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SHARE - Infrastructure

Sample Management software for fieldwork agencies

A study like SHARE heavily depends on the way the data is collected in the various countries. Answers from the respondents are collected in different languages all over Europe. Therefore, it is very important that interviewers across Europe are using standardized  procedures for asking these questions and in collecting the surrounding contact data.

For this purpose two tools are continously dveeloped and adapted, the Case CTRL for the interviewers and the Sample CTRL for the fieldwork agencies for administartion and monitoring of fieldwork. The Sample CTRL tool enables the agency to easily import and update cases, assign these to interviewers and to monitor fieldwork progress. The Sample CTRL also offers certain metrics about the cases when the interviewer synchronizes data with the Case CTRL.

The Sample CTRL makes it possible to divide the complete sample in a country into parts, which then can be assigned to interviewers. Metrics regarding the sample state can be viewed and will be updated every time an interviewer synchronizes. Overview of the complete sample can be exported to csv format files which can then be further analyzed by the agency.


Jeny Tony Philip, MBA