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Date: 11.08.2021

Luca Salerno: Dissaving at Older Ages in Europe

Luca Salerno, M.Sc.
Date: 17.06.2021

Digital Challenges in Health Law: From Telemedicine to AI

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Becker, LL.M. (EHI); Lauren Tonti; Irene Domenici; Franciska Engeser; Christian Günther; Kristine Plank
Date: 02.06.2021

Pablo Montano Otero: Wage Assimilation of Immigrants in Germany

Pablo Ignacio Montano Otero

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Measuring Happiness in Old Age


Are Swedes more satisfied in old age than Germans? How can this be measured? And do children make you happy? Our scientist Dr. Thorsten Kneip provides answers to these questions in the new episode of "Ach, Mensch!", a podcast series by the Max Planck...

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