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Doctoral Group: "Health Law"

  • Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence: A Comparative Legal Analysis of a Socio-Technical Phenomenon
  • From Wild West to Wunderkind: Comparing Legal Determinants of Telehealth Quality Across Jurisdictions
  • Subjective Rights in the Organ Allocation System
  • Innovation Responsibility of the State for Pharmaceuticals
  • Access to Primary Health Care in Tanzania: A Study of the Legal and Regulatory Framework

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Doctoral Group: "Adjudication of Social Rights"

  • Legal Protection in Case of Employer's Non-Compliance to Pay Social Security Contributions in China
  • Judicial Enforcement of Social Benefits Provision in Latin America

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Individual Dissertation Projects

  • Deeply anchored? Gender stereotypes and (social) law
  • Vulnerability as a Legal Principle
  • Pricing Regulation of Reimbursable Pharmaceuticals in Spain and Germany
  • Post-Licensing Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals as a Basis for Coverage Decisions – The German SHI and the English NHS in Comparison

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How can I become a Doctoral Candidate at the Institute?

The Department for Foreign and International Social Law regularly offers doctoral programs on various subject areas.


Climate Protection Decision of the Federal Constitutional Court: Obligations also for the Welfare State?


In its climate protection decision of 24 March 2021, which has often been described as epoch-making, the German Federal Constitutional Court derives from the Basic Law a right of defence against the threat of destruction of our liberal order. The…

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