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Research Projects – Overview

The research projects of the Department of Foreign and International Social Law are structured according to the following main areas of work:

Doctoral Group: "Health Law"

  • Acceptability and Reimbursement of Ethically Controversial Medical Procedures in the Public Healthcare System
  • Quality and Equity in Digital Health – a Comparative Approach
  • Migration und Organ Transplantation
  • Innovation Responsibility of the State for Pharmaceuticals

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Doctoral Group: "Adjudication of Social Rights"

  • Acceptance through Opposition Proceedings?
  • Effective Protection of Social Rights through Administrative Control? An Empirical Study of Opposition Proceedings in Social Law
  • Access to Social Rights in Taiwan
  • Legal Protection in Case of Employer's Non-Compliance to Pay Social Security Contributions in China
  • Judicial Enforcement of Social Benefits Provision in Latin America

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Individual Dissertation Projects

  • Post-Licensing Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals as a Basis for Coverage Decisions – The German SHI and the English NHS in Comparison
  • Vulnerability as a Legal Principle
  • Communication between Administration and Citizens in Social Law Proceedings - Legal Comparison between Germany and Taiwan
  • The Constitutional Foundations of the Design of Social Protection in Bulgaria

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How can I become a Doctoral Candidate at the Institute?

The Department for Foreign and International Social Law regularly offers doctoral programs on various subject areas.


Hyperactivity of the Legislator Creates Fragmentation of Asylum and Residency Law


Asylum and residency laws have been changed more frequently in the space of just a few years than almost any other area of legislation in Germany. Since 2015, the Residence Act alone has undergone 40 amendments, some of them with extensive changes....

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