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22.11.2022 Sozialrecht EN

Andreja Krzic Bogataj is "Young Lawyer of the Year 2022

We congratulate Dr. Andreja Krzic Bogataj for being awarded "Young Lawyer of the Year 2022"! She received the prize of the Association of Slovenian Lawyers for her doctoral thesis "Klägerfreundlichkeit als Prinzip des Sozialgerichtsverfahrens: Ein...

13.10.2022 The Institute

The Institute Mourns the Death of Board of Trustees Member Dr. Joachim Lemppenau

With Dr. Joachim Lemppenau, who passed away at the end of September 2022 at the age of 80, the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy lost a very committed and valued member of its Board of Trustees. Equally interested in socio-legal...

20.07.2022 Sozialpolitik (MEA) EN

Podcast: Does intra-European migration pay off?

In his research, MEA scientist Dr. Stefan Gruber focuses on individuals who have migrated to another European country in the course of their lives. How does migration affect their well-being and economic situation? And how can these factors be...

08.07.2022 Sozialrecht EN

COVID-19 Crisis Increases Pressure on Social Protection Systems Worldwide

Government measures against the coronavirus, in particular nationwide lockdowns, have at times suspended the mechanisms of the market economy. Through no fault of their own, many people found themselves without work or income overnight. A research...

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