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Research Areas

Research Areas

The researchers in the Department of Foreign and International Social Law work in various research areas that are structured geographically and thematically.

Comparison of Social Law

Comparison is the central method of legal research. Since, even in times of Europeanisation and internationalisation, nation states are responsible for the design of social benefits systems, a deeper understanding of the national social law of different countries is important. For this reason, most of our researchers supervise region-specific departments.

Health Law

A small research unit for "Health Law" focuses on new requirements for health systems, e.g. the integration of innovative instruments into health care.

Law and Social Sciences

At the interface between "Law and Social Sciences", researchers from various disciplines work in an interdisciplinary manner and with different methodological approaches.

Migration Law

The scientists of the research area "Migration Law" deal mainly with the social rights of migrants.


Research Projects