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An archive of the journal Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Arbeits- und Sozialrecht (ZIAS), a publication series of the Institute, has been established on our homepage. The issues of the years 2014-2019 are available for download (PDF).


In various projects, scientists investigate legal, political and economic issues.

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14.03.2022 Sozialpolitik (MEA) EN

SHARE Data Release 8.0.0 is now available!

Data from the second SHARE Corona Survey are now available. The second SHARE Corona Survey re-interviewed respondents of the first SHARE Corona Survey enabling to study changes between the start of the pandemic and the situation one year later in a...

11.03.2022 Sozialrecht EN

Regulatory Issues in the Management of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the important role of legal instruments in a global health emergency to the fore, whether at the international, regional or national level. Five doctoral students from the Social Law Department of the Max Planck...

16.02.2022 Sozialrecht EN

Pension Atlas Expanded to 28 Countries from Three Continents

Pension insurance and its sustainable financing are regularly a bone of contention in politics. But how do other countries actually organise their citizens' pensions? And what can be learned by looking at the bigger picture? The Pension Atlas of the...

06.10.2021 Sozialpolitik (MEA) EN

Vaccination willingness in Europe: Who are the unvaccinated?

MEA researchers analyzed the willingness to get vaccinated against the background of demographic, socio-economic and health factors of people in Europe and Israel.

A new MEA study reveals which factors influence the willingness for vaccination across...

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Latest Publications

Anika Seemann On War, Loyalty, and Reconciliation - The German Minority during the Second World War and the Postwar Legal Reckoning
In: Like Snow in the Sun? The German Minority in Denmark in Historical Perspective, Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2022.
Angie Gago, Constantin Hruschka The Persistence of Legal Uncertainty on EU Citizens’ Access to Social Benefits in Germany
In: Journal of European Social Policy, 2022.
Melissa Aramayo Alonso, Alejandra Rivera Alvarado, Viviana Ponce de León Solis, Maté Julesz, Esperanza Macarena Sierra Benítez, Cinzia Carta, Gratiela-Florentina Moraru, Eva Maria Hohnerlein, Olga Chesalina, Franz Marhold ZIAS – Heft 2, 35. Jahrgang, 2021, Seiten 129–244
Heidelberg: C.F. Müller, 2022.
Axel Börsch-Supan, Christian Hunkler, Matthias Weiss Big Data at Work: Age and Labor Productivity in the Service Sector
In: The Journal of the Economics of Ageing, 2021.

Pension Maps

Visualising the Institutional Structure of Old Age Security

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02.06.2022 14:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Ulrich Becker, Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Marianne Sandvad Ulriksen, Carina Schmitt Online-Meeting, Room
03.06.2022 16:00 - 19:00 Uhr
Gerhard Igl, Eberhard Eichenhofer, Maximilian Fuchs, Frank Hirtz, Herbert Szurgacz, Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Eva Lutz, Ute Kötter, Andreas Hänlein, Ingo Sarlet, Christiane Hensel, Linxin He Internationales Begegnungszentrum der Wissenschaft (IBZ), Room

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