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Foreign Correspondents

Cooperation with foreign correspondents in selected countries allows the Department for Foreign and International Social Law to extend the limited number of countries represented at the Institute and, by giving attention to additional countries, to broaden its research focus. The correspondents’ task is to provide reliable information on the social security law of their countries and to serve as contact points for questions on social law arising in the context of the departmental research activities. In turn, the Institute is committed to assisting the correspondents in their own research activities, in particular by facilitating research stays at the Institute.


PR of China

Dr. Dongmei Liu
University of Zhongnan, Changsha

Social Law Reports No. 10/2018 (PDF)

Latest Publications

Roman Rick Sallaba

Sallaba, Roman Rick:
Hegel und der inernalisierende Sozialstaat, in: (Vorbereitung), (2024).

Gabriela Mendizabal Bermudez

Mendizabal Bermudez, Gabriela:
Significant Changes: Improvement of Rights and Social Protection for Workers in Mexico, Social Law Reports, Issue 3, 2023.