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Hagn, Julia:
United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, in: Freistein, Katja; Leininger, Julia; Weinlich, Silke (eds.), Handbook of International Organizations. Theories, Concepts and Empirical Insights 2023.
Chesalina, Olga:
Exploring the Right to Disconnect in European Labour Law and in the Legislation of the Member States - Just a Matter of Working Time of Employees?, in: Woźniak-Jęchorek, Beata (ed.), Digital Labour Markets in Central and Eastern European Countries, New York, London 2023, pp. 193-209.
Günther, Christian; Tonti, Lauren; Domenici, Irene:
Vaccination as an Equaliser? Evaluating COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritisation and Compensation, in: Medical Law Review, 30 (2022) 4, p. 584-609.
Štefko, Martin:
Social Security and Social Policy Reforms in the Czech Republic, Social Law Reports, Issue 2, 2022.
Hruschka, Constantin; Hunkler, Christian; Rohmann, Tim:
Exclusionary Intent and Effects in the Migration Area, in: Quarterly on Refugee Problems - AWR Bulletin, 61 (2022) 2, p. 130-154.
Guest Editorial: The Fragmented Nature of Pandemic Decision-making: A Comparative and Multilevel Legal Analysis
Carney, Terry:
Australia 2021: Waiting out the Pandemic?, Social Law Reports, Issue 1, 2022.
Hruschka, Constantin (ed.) :
GFK - Genfer Flüchtlingskonvention - Handkommentar, Baden-Baden 2022.
On War, Loyalty, and Reconciliation - The German Minority during the Second World War and the Postwar Legal Reckoning
Struggles for Belonging: Citizenship in Europe, 1900–2020


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