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Social Law

Department of Foreign and International Social Law

Dr. Simone M. Schneider

Head of Research Group PERGAP

Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy
Marstallstr. 11, 80539 Muenchen
Tel.:+49 89 38602 445
Fax:+49 89 38602 490

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Publications have only been fully recorded in the database since 2003. Older publications that may have been published are included in the download PDF on this page.



Schneider, Simone M.:
Income Inequality and Life Satisfaction. An Investigation of its Cognitive Mechanisms in Germany, Berlin 2014.

Edited Book

Schneider, Simone M./Petrova, Teodora/Becker, Ulrich (eds.) :
Pension Maps: Visualising the Institutional Structure of Old Age Security in Europe 2021.

Book Chapter

Schneider, Simone M.; Roots, Ave; Rathmann, Katharina:
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Journal Article

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