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Chesalina, Olga:
Exploring the Right to Disconnect in European Labour Law and in the Legislation of the Member States - Just a Matter of Working Time of Employees?, in: Woźniak-Jęchorek, Beata (ed.), Digital Labour Markets in Central and Eastern European Countries, New York, London 2023, pp. 193-209.
Hagn, Julia:
United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, in: Freistein, Katja; Leininger, Julia; Weinlich, Silke (eds.), Handbook of International Organizations. Theories, Concepts and Empirical Insights 2023.
He, Linxin:
Subordinate Work: How Does the Law Categorize Modern Labor Relationships?, in: Herzog, Lisa; Zimmermann, Bénédicte (eds.), Shifting Categories of Work 2023, pp. 17-32.
On Risk and Solidarity in Times of Global Crises
Seemann, Anika:
“Collective Agreement”– Danish Social and Labour Market Policy in the COVID-19 Crisis, in: Protecting Livelihoods - A Global Comparison of Social Law Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis 2022, pp. 121-146.
Becker, Ulrich:
Öffentliches Entschädigungsrecht, in: Huster, Stefan; Kingreen, Thorsten (eds.), Handbuch Infektionsschutzrecht (2. Aufl.) 2022, p. 369–431.
Becker, Ulrich:
Kommunale Sozialpolitik, in: Burgi, Martin; Waldhoff, Christian (eds.), Kommunale Selbstverwaltung im Bundes- und Finanzstaat, Festschrift für Hans-Günter Henneke zum 65. Geburtstag, Hürth 2022, p. 287–304.
On War, Loyalty, and Reconciliation - The German Minority during the Second World War and the Postwar Legal Reckoning
“Mentalities of War, Mentalities of Peace”: Capital Punishment in the Norwegian “Treason Trials”, 1941–1948
Hruschka, Constantin:
Hyperactive and Incoherent Legislation and Policy: Germany’s Fragmented Migration Management Within the European Framework, in: Law and Migration in a Changing World 2022, pp. 369-407.


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