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10.12.2020 / The Institute

The Case for a Facts-based Migration Policy

Max Planck Research Initiative Submits Final Report

Five years after the "long summer of migration" of 2015, the research initiative "The Challenges of Migration, Integration and Exclusion" (WiMi) has submitted its research report "Wir haben das geschafft – und uns verändert" ["We managed - and changed in the process"] to the Max Planck Society. In the report, the researchers take initial stock of the course of events of 2015 and present eight recommendations from their findings, which they have summarized in a position paper.

Dr. Constantin Hruschka is one of the two authors of the report and researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy, one of the six Max Planck Institutes that contributed to the interdisciplinary research initiative. The central aim of the project Lost Potentials? The Rights and Lives of the Excluded, conducted at this Institute, was to gain insights into the legal and political conditions that create and reinforce exclusion mechanisms. One conclusion the study draws is that legislators are largely responsible for incoherencies in the legal system, which may in turn condition exclusion. Hruschka attributes "hyperactivity" to the legislator on account of the abundance of amendments to asylum and residence law since 2016.

Research Report

Position Paper

Interview with Dr. Constantin Hruschka and Miriam Schader

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