Diversität als Strukturmerkmal moderner Gesellschaften | Max-Planck-Institut für Sozialrecht und Sozialpolitik - MPISOC
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20. - 22.02.2019, 12:20 - 12:21 / Institute

Diversität als Strukturmerkmal moderner Gesellschaften

From February 20-22, 19, the Fellow Group and the Chair of Sociology of Diversity at the TUM held a workshop on "Diversity as a Structural Feature of Modern Societies" in the conference center of the MPG Schloss Ringberg. As external speakers, Prof. Günther Pallaver (University of Innsbruck) and Prof. Max Haller (University of Graz) enriched the scientific discussion on different aspects of social diversity, which offer impulses for inclusion and change processes, but also can bring with them conflict potential for social cohesion and coexistence. The analysis was interdisciplinary (including political science, sociology, anthropology, law) and offered an exciting overview of research, postdoctoral and doctoral projects that are in different stages of development.