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23.05.2019 / Sozialrecht EN

Prof. Becker Explains Asylum Law in 70 Seconds

On the occasion of the anniversary of the German Basic Law, the Federal Government has asked well-known constitutional experts to explain the 19 fundamental rights in 70 seconds each. In his short contribution, Prof. Ulrich Becker, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy, illustrates the right of asylum as laid down in Article 16a. Against the background of the experience with the National Socialist regime, the founding fathers and mothers of the German Basic Law sought to grant protection in Germany to victims of political persecution. In 1993, however, asylum law was substantially changed such that persons who are already permitted stay in other safe third countries no longer receive protection in Germany. All 19 media clips and further information on the Basic Law can be found on the website of the Federal Government.

Media Clips (in German)