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The Social Policy Archive for SHARE - SPLASH

The Social Policy Archive for SHARE (SPLASH) provides the necessary macro and contextual data (e.g. regarding political, economic, and societal environments) facilitating comparative analyses of social policies over space and time using SHARE and other microdata sources.

More specifically, the Data section gives access to contextual quantitative indicators based on official statistics and research outcomes. In the Policy section users will gain access to standardized information about policy changes and their legal supporting documents over time; the records have been compiled from the Population and Policy Database (PPD) and the Population Europe Resource Finder and Archive (PERFAR), which was last updated in 2016.

In addition, SPLASH will provide access to a data map of quantitative and qualitative external sources complementing the contents offered by the two sections.
In terms of content, SPLASH is focused on resources covering European countries organized by the following topics:

  • Education
  • Family & Children
  • Health
  • Migration
  • Living Conditions
  • Work & Retirement
Contact Person(s)

Dr. Diana Maria López-Falcón

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Dr. Diana Maria López-Falcón
The Social Policy and Law Shared Database – SPLASH