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01.07.2011 - 31.12.2022 / SHARE - Infrastructure


For a longitudinal Study like SHARE, a compilation of a preload database is essential. Preload data are data which come from a previous wave of data collection and are loaded in the Case CTRL to steer the survey instrument of a new wave. The preload database includes mainly demographic information, interview status, information on household composition, eligibility status and selected content information. This project is about conceptualisation and compiling of the preload file. Conceptualisation is repeatedly necessary due to questionnaire changes affecting the set of variables to be preloaded. This needs to be done in close coordination with CentERdata. Thereafter, program routines have to be adapted accordingly to compile the preload data for all countries and all data collection phases (pretest, field rehearsal and main data collection). For this we also need input from survey agencies first in order to check the match of the different data bases (agency info file) and secondly, to tag households who will drop out of the sample for next wave due to no consent (refusal remark checks), which also involves close cooperation with country teams. We process and include information provided by survey agencies and country teams in our correction routines and preload programs to generate a proper preload file. Senta-Melissa Pflüger joined this project in April 2018 and Josefine Atzendorf in July 2019.

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Dipl.-Soz. Sabrina Zuber


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