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SHARE accelerometer project

Physical activity habits often change with increasing age and after life events (e.g. retirement, divorce) and might interact with economic and social factors in their impact on health. In wave 8, we will extend the ojective measures done in previous waves in SHARE with the collection of physical activity data by using accelerometry. The objective accelerometer measures facilitate the comparison across countries and permit adjustments of self-reported measures of activity. Furthermore, it can reliably measure sedentary behaviour, which is currently considered a major determinant of health, mobility in old age, and sleep patterns. The study goals are:

1. Objectively measure daily activity levels and sleep patterns of a subsample of the SHARE panel members

2. Compare self-reported physical activity levels to accelerometry derived physical activity, correct for DIF in self-reported physical activity

3. Compare the physical activity levels in SHARE with those in ELSA

4. Examine the determinants of physical activity and difference between retired and working panel members

5. Examine how physical activity and sitting time is related to health outcomes during ageing, in particular by looking at mobility, falling risk and balance, obesity

The study will be implemented in a randomly selected subsample of about 200 panel members in 10 SHARE countries. We have 50 accelerometers available per country, so each accelerometer will be worn by 4 respondents in succession. The objective activity data are collected using an accelerometer which the respondent wears at the thigh for eight days.

The study is funded by the NIA grant "Enhancing the Comparability of SHARE with HRS and ELSA"


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