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Social Policy and Old Age Provision

International Social Security Project (ISSP)

This is actually a sequence of projects under the auspices of the National Bureau of Economic Research, (NBER) based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This long-term international research program has initially been led by Prof. Dr. Jon Gruber (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Prof. David Wise, Ph.D. (Harvard University), and is currently led by Prof. Börsch-Supan and Prof. Courtney Coile (Wellesley College), with the aim of scrutinizing interaction between social security schemes and retirement behavior. Researchers from altogether 12 western industrialized countries (nine EU states, United States, Canada and Japan) are involved in the study, with MEA representing Germany. One of the venture's central objectives is to present comparable surveys for each of the participating countries.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Axel Börsch-Supan, Ph. D.


U.S. National Institute on Aging (NIA) durch das National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)


Jürges, Hendrik; Thiel, Lars; Bucher-Koenen, Tabea; Rausch, Johannes; Schuth, Morten; Börsch-Supan, Axel (2016): "Health, Financial Incentives, and Early Retirement: Microsimulation Evidence for Germany", In: Wise, David A. (ed.), Social Security Programs and Retirement around the World, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, pp. 285 - 330.