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Internship at MEA

You would like to do an internship at MEA?

Then please send us your application!

When awarding internships, we aim for the best possible fit. On this basis, we also decide about an acceptance. Typically, interns are involved in a specific project. Besides our economic research departments Old-Age Provision and Social Policy, Migration, Health Econometrics, Life-Cycle Decisions), this can also be done within the SHARE project (, which is coordinated at our institute.

Applicants should have sufficient knowledge in empirical econometrics and, ideally, experience in the use of common statistical software, usually demonstrated by certified achievements in respective courses.

Interested candidates should send their application documents (CV, references, short letter of motivation) to Dr. Thorsten Kneip. In addition to the planned duration and time frame, please also indicate whether this will be a voluntary or a compulsory internship and which of our research areas you are interested in.

Please note: Due to the Corona pandemic, we are currently unable to host any interns. Arrangements regarding future internships are subject to further developments.


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