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22.2017 - 31.01.2020 / SHARE - Research

Social Network Changes through Caregiving

The aim of this study is to analyze how social networks change after becoming a family caregiver. We explore the structural aspects of how social networks change in size, proximity, and in their composition regarding kin orientation, as well as emotional aspects like changes in emotional closeness and the overall satisfaction with the network. In doing so, we distinguish between the effects of caring for a close social network member and the effect of the caregiving task itself. We use data from wave 4 and 6 of SHARE.

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Dr. Melanie Wagner


Wagner, Melanie; Holdik, Ina (2019): "Social embeddedness of care recipients and their spousal caregivers", In: Börsch-Supan, Axel; Bristle, Johanna; Andersen-Ranberg, Karen; Brugiavini, Agar; Jusot, Florence; Litwin, Howard; Weber, Guglielmo (eds.) (2019): Health and socioeconomic status over the life course: First results from SHARE waves 6 and 7. Oldenbourg: de Gruyter, de Gruyter, Berlin/Boston, pp. 235-242.