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01.10.2017 - 31.12.2020 / SHARE - Infrastructure

SHARE National Survey Software Management

The implementation release and version management of the CAPI and Case Control  software for the national instrument in thirty nine different languages has to be coordinated to suit the training schedules of the survey agencies while at the same time optimizing the work load for the developers, country teams and SHARE Central. This involves a lot of advance planning to manage such a number of national instruments within the limited time schedule. In wave 7, the most recent wave, this included twenty monolingual CAPIs, seven bilingual CAPIs and two trilingual CAPIs.

Owing to deviations in style of functioning across national teams, there are always differences in the number of iterations between translation, development of the national CAPIS, testing, maintenance and final implementation. Other factors which could impact the release process are interim conceptual changes, technological migrations and communication bottlenecks.

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Yuri Pettinicchi, Ph. D.