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01.01.2020 - 31.12.2021 / Life-Cycle Decisions
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Intergenerational effects of retirement decisions

A number of studies use statutory retirement ages as an exogenous source of variation in retirement behavior to examine effects on fertility decisions of the next generation as well as maternal labor supply. Our study adds to this growing literature using Danish administrative data. This data will allow us to extend the existing literature in several ways. First, our study will be the first to use administrative data to examine the intergenerational effects of retirement decisions. The richness of the data will not only allow us to have more precise estimates but it will also allow us to exploit multiple sources of plausibly exogenous variation in retirement incentives. Second, we examine a broader range of questions than the previous literature. Specifically, we examine how parental retirement affects their children's health and economic decisions related to fertility and labor supply. Finally, to the best of our knowledge, our study is first to estimate the causal effects of grandparental availability on the health and cognitive development of grandchildren. This ambitious question requires linked data across three generations, which is rarely possible in survey data used in the previous studies.

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Todd Morris, Ph. D.