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Was kommt nach der Arbeit? Erwerbstätigkeit im Ruhestand


The number of people who continue working after retirement has more than doubled in Germany within the last ten years. This chapter compares the health, social and economic situation of working and non-working pensioners with a focus on the male population in Germany. The analyses are based on the German subsample of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE). Descriptive results and marginal effects of a multinomial regression indicate that the age of the respondent, the employment of the partner and the health status influence the probability of working past the retirement age. The financial background seems to play a minor role in the decision of continuing work. Overall, the results suggest that, if health allows it, men continue working after retirement mostly for reasons of self-realization.

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Felizia Hanemann

S. 177-188
Männer und der Übergang in die Rente - Vierter Deutscher Männergesundheitsbericht der Stiftung Männergesundheit