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Collection of Biomeasures in a Cross-National Setting: Experiences in SHARE


This chapter provides an overview of strategies and methods used to collect biomeasures cross‐nationally. It covers a range of practical issues associated with ensuring comparability of biomeasure collection across multiple countries. The chapter focuses on the experiences of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), a multinational study that surveys the older adult population and collects biomeasures in 20 European countries. SHARE faces an assortment of operational and legal issues related to the collection of biomeasures. It summarizes these issues and describes how they are handled in SHARE. The chapter provides readers with a general understanding of biomeasure collection in a cross‐national context and up‐to‐date knowledge of current practices. It demonstrates practical issues and challenges associated with the collection of biomeasures in a cross‐national survey context by drawing from the experience of the SHARE study.

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Luzia Weiss

Joe W. Sakshaug


Axel Börsch-Supan

S. 623 - 641
John Wiley & Sons
Hoboken, NJ
Timothy P. Johnson, Beth-Ellen Pennell, Ineke A. L. Stoop, Brita Dorer (eds.) Advances in Comparative Survey Methods: Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts (3MC)