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Börsch-Supan, Axel; Rausch, Johannes (2020): "Corona-Pandemie: Auswirkungen auf die gesetzliche Rentenversicherung". In: ifo Schnelldienst, 2020, 73 Nr. 4, pp. 36-43.
Atzendorf, Josefine; Apfelbacher, Christian; Gomes de Matos, Elena; Lochbühler, Kirsten; Piontek, Daniela; Seitz, Nicki-Nils; Kraus, Ludwig (2020): "Do smoking, nutrition, alcohol use, and physical activity vary between regions in Germany? - results of a cross-sectional study.". In: BMC Public Health, 20, 277.
Khourshed, May; Hunkler, Christian (2020): "The Role of Trauma for Integration: The Case of Syrian Refugees". In: Soziale Welt (forthcoming), 71, 2-3, pp. 191- 223.
Scherpenzeel, Annette; Axt, Kathrin; Bergmann, Michael; Douhou, Salima; Oepen, Andrea; Sand, Gregor; Schuller, Karin; Stuck, Stephanie; Wagner, Melanie; Börsch-Supan, Axel (2020): "Collecting survey data among the 50+ population during the COVID-19 outbreak: The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)". In: Survey Research Methods (online first), 14(2), pp. 217-221.
Farbmacher, Helmut; Guber, Raphael; Klaaßen, Sven: "Instrument Validity Tests with Causal Forests".
Gruber, Stefan: "The effect of intra-European migration on cognitive abilities in later life".
Börsch-Supan, Axel; Rausch, Johannes: "Corona und Rente".
Goll, Nicolas: "Working Pensioners in Europe - Demographics, health, economic situation and the role of pension systems".
Ferrari, Irene (2020): "The Nativity Wealth Gap in Europe: a Matching Approach". In: Journal of Population Economics, 33, 1, p. 33–77.
Börsch-Supan, Axel (2020): "Alternativlose Rentenpolitik: Anpassung an die demografischen Veränderungen". In: Deutsche Rentenversicherung (online first), 1-2020, pp. 77-91.


Axel Börsch-Supan is member of the new French Economic Commission


Munich / Paris, May 29, 2020. Axel Börsch-Supan, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy, was appointed to the French “Commission of Experts for Great Economic Challenges” on May 29, 2020 by the French President...

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