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Romuald Méango, Ph. D.

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Publications have only been fully recorded in the database since 2003. Older publications that may have been published are included in the download PDF on this page.


Journal Article

Mourifie, Ismael; Henry, Marc; Méango, Romuald (2020): "Sharp bounds and testability of a Roy model of STEM major choices". In: Journal of Political Economy (forthcoming).
Girsberger, Esther Mirjam; Méango, Romuald; Rapoport, Hillel (2019): "Regional Migration and Wage Inequality in the West African Economic and Monetary Union". In: Journal of Comparative Economics.

MEA Discussion Paper

Méango, Romuald: "The (Option-)Value of Overstaying".
Méango, Romuald; Khourshed, May; López-Falcón, Diana Maria: "From Asylum Seekers to Illegal Migrants: The intention to overstay of Afghan asylum seekers in Germany".
Khourshed, May; Méango, Romuald: "Language Proficiency and Economic Incentives: The Case of Syrian Asylum Seekers in Germany".
Khourshed, May; Hunkler, Christian; Méango, Romuald; Börsch-Supan, Axel: "Qualifications, Potentials and Life Courses of Syrian Asylum Seekers in Germany".

Discussion Paper/Working Paper

Burmann, Martina; Drometer, Marcus; Méango, Romuald (2017): The Political Economy of EU Asylum Policy, ifo Working Paper Series 245, Ifo-Inst. für Wirtschaftsforschung.