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Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin von Gaudecker

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Publications have only been fully recorded in the database since 2003. Older publications that may have been published are included in the download PDF on this page.


Journal Article

Shkolnikov, Vladimir M.; Scholz, Rembrandt D.; Jdanov, Dimitri A.; Stegmann, Michael; von Gaudecker, Hans-Martin (2008): "Length of life and the pensions of five million retired men". In: European Journal of Public Health, 18, pp. 264 - 269.
von Gaudecker, Hans-Martin; Scholz, Rembrandt D. (2007): "Differential mortality by lifetime earnings in Germany". In: Demographic Research, 17, pp. 83 - 108.
von Gaudecker, Hans-Martin; Weber, Carsten (2004): "Surprises in a Growing Market Niche: An Evaluation of the German Annuities Market". In: The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice, 29, pp. 394 - 416.


von Gaudecker, Hans-Martin (2004): Regionale Mortalitätsunterschiede in Baden-Württemberg. Statistische Analysen, hrsg. vom Statistischen Landesamt Baden-Württemberg. Eigenverlag, Statistisches Landesamt Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart.

MEA Discussion Paper

Drerup, Tilman; Enke, Benjamin; von Gaudecker, Hans-Martin: "Measurement Error in Subjective Expectation and the Empirical Content of Economic Models".
von Gaudecker, Hans-Martin: "How does household portfolio diversification vary with financial sophistication and advice?".