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Social Law

Department of Foreign and International Social Law

Hung-Sheng Shan

Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy
Amalienstrasse 33, 80799 Muenchen
Tel.:+49 89 38602 447
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Publications have only been fully recorded in the database since 2003. Older publications that may have been published are included in the download PDF on this page.


Journal Article

Shan, Hung-Sheng:
Legislative Discretion over Issues of Drug Injury Relief - An Analysis of JY Interpretation No. 767, in: The Taiwan Law Review, 293 (2019) 10, p. 179-188.
Shan, Hung-Sheng:
Identification Process of Low-income Households in Social Assistance Act under Obligation of Co-operation: Center on Submission of Data Information and Home Investigation, in: Taipei University Law Review, 104 (2017) 12, p. 217-266.
Shan, Hung-Sheng:
Study on Compulsory Contribution Payment between Spouses in National Pension Insurance Law, in: The Law Monthly, 66 (2015) 11, p. 83-99.
Shan, Hung-Sheng:
Study on Quality Maintenance of Elderly Institutional Care Service under 'Operation Transfer' Mode, in: The Constitutional Review, 41 (2015) 1, p. 145-179.