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Max Planck Fellow

The Max Planck Fellow Group

The Max Planck Fellow Group started its activities at the Institute in 2010. In the first phase of the Fellowship until 2015, a research group of eight young scientists headed by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Wacker investigated the topic of "Inclusion in Disability" from a national and international perspective. In particular, the research programme generated knowledge on the structures, measures and effects of prevention, rehabilitation and health development. Among other things, the Fellow Group examined the effects of the change from the principle of benefits in kind to the principle of cash benefits through the personal budget as well as the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in selected areas.

In the second Fellowship phase, which will end in spring 2020, the group consists of two post-doctoral researchers and Prof. Wacker. Within the thematic framework of "Dis[cover]ability & Indicators for Inclusion" it examines the societal scope for action and approaches that break down institutional and socio-material barriers and thus increase opportunities for participation. Further information on the current research approach can be found here.



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