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In accordance with its interdisciplinary orientation the Institute examines socio-political issues from a legal and economic perspective. The Department of Foreign and International Social Law investigates, mainly by way of comparative research, the particular features of social law as an instrument for the implementation of social policy measures and as a special field of administrative law.

With its orientation towards the economic side of social policy, the research of the Institute’s second department focuses on those socio-political issues that are associated with demographic change and the aging of the population. It is therefore called Munich Center for the Economics of Aging.

Both departments are reliant on each other’s genuine disciplinary interest in mutual exchange, i.e. legal interest in the investigation of the conditions as to the impact of law, as well as economic interest in law as the key element of the institutional framework, particularly with regard to the incentives exerted by regulations in the different socio-political fields. These interests find expression in joint research projects and seminars which focus on the understanding of the institutional framework and their impacts on individual and collective action.