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MEA Seminare

Das MEA Seminar ist das Forschungs- und Doktorandenseminar des MEA. Hier werden wöchentlich nationale und internationale Vorträge zu Forschungsfragen im Bereich „Economics of Aging“ präsentiert.

MEA Seminare 2011

21. Dezember 2011

MEA Seminar:

Motivated Underreporting: Asking Filter Questions in Social Surveys

Frauke Kreuter

7. Dezember 2011

MEA Seminar:


Johannes Rausch

30. November 2011

MEA Seminar:

The Wealth Effect in Germany: Evidence from the SAVE Study

Bettina Lamla

23. November 2011

MEA Seminar:

Birth-Spacing as a Preventive Check Mechanism in Pre-Industrial England

Francesco Cinnirella, LMU München

16. November 2011

MEA Seminar:

Disentangling the SES Gradient in Health: The Role of Early-Childhood

Till Stowasser

10. November 2011

MEA Seminar:

The Interplay of Norms and Incentives in Explaining Marital Stability

Thorsten Kneip

2. November 2011

MEA Seminar:

Discrimination in Acces to Dual Education? From the Employer's Point of View

Christian Hunkler

26. Oktober 2011

MEA Seminar:

Linking Survey and Administrative Data: Learning More about the Role of the Interviewer

Julie Korbmacher

12. Oktober 2011

MEA Seminar:

Can We Trust Older People’s Statements on their Childhood Circumstances? Evidence from SHARELIFE

Fabrizio Mazzonna

6. Oktober 2011

MEA Seminar:

Inequalities of Happiness: A Gold Standard for Social Policies?

Hilke Brockmann, Jacobs University

13. September 2011

MEA Seminar:

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about SHARE (But were Afraid to Ask...)

Martina Brandt
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