In terms of content its research focuses on social benefits law as a whole and is deliberately not restricted to individual areas as this would involve a double risk: namely to lose sight (1) of the concepts of social intervention and hence of the social or, respectively, welfare state principle, which form the basis for any delivery of social benefits and services and (2) of the ever more evident interconnections between the various social benefits systems.

Methodologically, the focus is on the comparison both of various legal systems and of the different levels in the hierarchy of norms of individual legal systems.

Research Focus

Social law is shaped by its function. Due to its dependence on and reference to economic and social conditions, social law is subject to constant change. Insights into its particularities as well as the principal lines of development can therefore be gathered especially from the observation of inherent processes of change. For the purpose of analysis, a distinction can be made between three kinds of processes, even if these processes overlap and are interrelated:

Europeanization and internationalization of social law
The restructuring of social benefits systems in developed states
The transformation of social benefits systems in developing and threshold countries

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