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22 December 2010

What’s in a Name?

Legal scholars and practitioners examine the marketing of naming rights to sports facilities
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1 December 2010

The Individual and the Welfare State: Life Histories in Europe

New SHARELIFE data foster the understanding of welfare state impacts on people’s lives
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15 November 2010

Daniel Kemptner receives "Advancement Award of the Federal Office of Statistics"

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12 July 2010

Daniel Kemptner receives Award from Karin-Islinger-Stiftung

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16/17 June 2010

SAVE Conference 2010

To SAVE or not SAVE: Old-Provision in Times of Crisis

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27 April 2010

Best Paper Award 2011 for Michael Ziegelmeyer

Press release (German only) (PDF)

9 February 2010

Bundesverfassungsgericht live: Hartz IV – Das Urteil [Live from the German Federal Constitutional Court: Hartz IV – The Verdict]

Das Erste, 9 February 2010, 9.55 a.m.
Interview with Ulrich Becker (discussion hosted by Karl-Dieter Möller).
Video in German only:
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