1. Purpose and task of the library
 The library of the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Social Law is committed to the academic work of the Institute. In accordance with the following rules, it is open to interested scholars from Germany and abroad for the purpose of fostering academic collaboration at national and international level, and advancing research in the field of foreign and international social law.

2. General information
The Institute library is a reference library. Its holdings are not allowed to be taken outside the premises. Should, by way of exception, an imperative reason for the extramural loan of a book or periodical arise, it will require the consent of the head librarian. In legal terms, the user-library relationship is governed by provisions of the German Civil Code (BGB). All users are bound by the Library Regulations.

3. Opening times for external users
The library is open to external users Monday to Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., as well as Friday 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

4. Conduct and duties of care
Coats, bags and food may not be taken into the reading room. Such items can be stored in the lockers (€ 1 deposit) situated in the hallway leading to the library entrance. Inside the library, loud conversations, cell phone use, smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited.

All media as well as furnishings and technical equipment must be handled with care. In particular, the contents of books or periodicals must not in any way be marked or underlined, nor may pages be bent or bookmarks left behind.

The library PCs and Internet access are available for academic use only. Previously installed computer settings must not be altered. The use of external storage media, such as USB sticks or other removable media, is not allowed.

5. Usage
a) General

Library usage is open to all staff members, grantees and guests of the Institute. Other interested scholars are requested to register daily with the library management and to sign the visitors’ book laid open in the reading room. Prior to their first use of the library, new staff and guest researchers need to apply to the head librarian for a brief introduction. The library management is authorised to expel any users who violate the Library Regulations.

b) In-house lending
Staff members, grantees and guests of the Institute have access to all literature and information services. They are moreover entitled to borrow books and bound annual serials for use at their workplace. Single periodical issues cannot be borrowed; they may, however, be withdrawn briefly for copying purposes.

The user must fill out a shelf dummy for each loan, stating the required information (author, title, shelf mark, date and name), and substitute it for the removed book. If the borrowed item is recognisably part of a multi-volume publication, a multiple edition or multi-copies, this also must be indicated accordingly. Books bearing the qualifier “Lesesaal-Exemplar” (reading room copy) or a red label on their spines must not be taken out of the reading room.

c) Passing on loans to third persons and borrowing in the processing stage
Staff members must consult one another before passing on loans to fellow staff. They must ensure that such a reassignment is also noted on the dummy. Books in processing may only be removed from the respective shelves after consultation with a librarian.

d) Return
Upon returning any books taken from a shelf, one must place these on the trolley provided at the library entrance for this purpose; they will be reshelved by the library personnel. Staff members, grantees and guests of the Institute are kindly requested to return all borrowed items in time before the end of their employment or stay.

e) Reproduction
Every user is personally responsible for complying with applicable copyright provisions.

Staff members, grantees and guests of the Institute are allowed to reproduce copies for research purposes free of charge. Grantees and guests, however, are subject to a limit whereby only the first 500 copies per stay are cost-free. If their stay lasts longer than a month, the number of free copies increases by 200 sheets per month or part thereof. Photocopiers are located in the reading room, the stacks (room 535) and on the 4th floor (room 443). Other scholars using the library pay 10 cents per copy; a coin-operated copier is available in the reading room.

6. Information
Within the bounds of its possibilities, the library furnishes oral and written information with the help of its catalogues, electronic resources and holdings. No responsibility is taken for the correctness and completeness of this information.

7. Literature search and online databases
Users can conduct searches on their own or with the aid of a librarian. In doing so, they must observe the licence agreements of database producers.

8. Literature acquisition from other Munich libraries, inter-library borrowing and document delivery service
The library staff (student assistants) endeavour to help the Institute’s directors and research fellows in acquiring literature from other Munich libraries. The assistants obtain books and urgently needed literature not available at the Institute. All staff members, grantees and guests of the Institute have access to the library’s services for inter-library borrowing and document delivery. The library is happy to comply with any requests in this regard.

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